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In 2012, the Westwood High School Improvement Council, made up of parents, teachers, and students, identified the five values they believed constituted the core values of the school.  These values became known as the “Westwood Way Values.”  They are:

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Integrity means having a set of principles to live by and doing what is right, even when no one is looking. Integrity means that one is trustworthy and always speaks the truth.

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Empathy means that one can understand the feelings of others. It means one can “walk in someone’s shoes” and understand their viewpoint.

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Respect means treating oneself and other people with positive regard.  Respect is shown by using good manners, being polite and kind. One can have respect for others, even if you do not agree on everything.

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Responsibility means doing what you are expected to do.  Being responsible means taking ownership for one’s actions and being dependable.

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Community means being part of a larger group that shares common characteristics.  For Westwood students, a community might be a class, the whole school, or the larger Blythewood/Northeast Columbia community.  Serving the community means doing things to support the group, such as helping one another.


Every Tuesday we have a feature on the Westwood Way Values on our Morning News Show. Twice a month, we recognize three individuals who exemplify one or more of the Westwood Way Values. Winners receive a specially designed red t-shirt and a prize.  To nominate a student, staff member, or community member for recognition, please submit this form: 

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