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Principal's Letter

From the Principal:

Cheryl Guy, PrincipalOur Mission Statement: Westwood High School in partnership with our parents and community engages and motivates students to develop 21st century skills, while producing responsible citizens who are prepared for future success.

Westwood High School is a whole-school magnet, the Institute of Research, Engagement, and Design (iRED).  Students are challenged to think critically, work collaboratively, be creative, and communicate well. Teachers provide a rigorous education that utilizes project-based learning and technology to engage students in real-world work experiences. Our students are actors, athletic trainers, journalists, firefighters, web page designers, musicians, bankers, nursing assistants, computer programmers, and much more.

We believe in the Westwood Way values of integrity, empathy, respect, responsibility, and community. Students are encouraged to participate in Westwood Serves activities, including blood drives, sponsorship of Brett’s Rainbow camp, canned food drives, and roadside clean-ups.  Athletic teams, as well as organizations such as Redhawk Helping Hands, Leo Club, and honor societies, participate in community service projects. Students also serve as community activists, working to bring attention to issues of social justice, such as human trafficking.

Westwood is an Arts-Integrated school, where students have opportunities to study dance, music, drama, and visual arts in inter-disciplinary lessons.  Each year, students in a variety of subjects collaborate to write and produce an original dramatic performance.  Every spring, the school hosts a Renaissance Faire where students dress in costumes and enjoy informative displays, archery, horse-back riding, games, and food.

We believe that in today's world young people need a rigorous education; one that is interdisciplinary and challenges them with real-world experiences. We value each as individuals and provide varied coursework to allow students to select based on areas of interest.We believe every child can be a positive and constructive force in our society and we encourage this through our emphasis on the Westwood Way Values.

If you have never visited Westwood High School, you are invited to come see why we are excited about our school.  


Cheryl Guy, Ph.D
(803) 691-4049, x36004