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Ridge View High SchoolGuidance Registration

A modified block schedule will continue to be the main form of scheduling for all high schools in the district this year. The goal of Ridge View High School is to meet the educational needs of all students.  Every attempt will be made to schedule all course requests when course prerequisites have been met.  It may not be possible to fulfill certain course requests when there is insufficient enrollment in the course requested or when two or more course requests have the same meeting time.  It is our hope to allow students to take the elective classes that they wish to take, but, due to scheduling conflicts and size limitations, this may not always be possible.

Students will be held responsible for completing a course once they have committed to it and met the prerequisites for the course.  Any schedule changes, which are requested once student orientation begins, will be closely monitored and discouraged.  Students and parents need to remember that the master schedule for the year is based on what students selected the previous spring.  Courses are offered and teachers allotted based on those selections.  For this reason, changes made after a student is scheduled are very difficult and often impossible.  Students who fail a course in the fall semester will not be allowed to retake the course in the spring semester. Any exception to this policy, such as a senior projecting graduation, must be cleared by the principal or his designee. 

Counseling Conferences
A student who is in a conference with a guidance counselor during class time must provide written proof of the conference to the attendance clerk to be excused from that class.  Parents or students who wish to meet with a guidance counselor should make an appointment in advance.  Waiting in hopes of having a conference is not considered a legitimate reason to miss class.

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