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Ridge View High SchoolGuidance Home Page

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM
Phone: 803-699-2999 ext. 84218
Fax: 803-699-2897
Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Counseling Mission Statement

Richland School District Two outlines for each student, grades PK-12, the personal, social, career, and educational knowledge and skills that support a rewarding and productive life in an ever-changing world.  The comprehensive guidance program framework of Richland School District Two provides standards and strategies for each school in the district to follow in developing and implementing a Comprehensive Development Guidance Program.

Faculty/Staff Member

Job Position

Teasha Gibson, Director
Director of Guidance, Counselor, Seniors Co-G; Underclassmen A-B
Dana Aldighieri College Information Specialist
Aretha Barnes Career Development Facilitator

Anne Burley

Counselor, Seniors J-Mn; Underclassmen Gr-L

Charlie Butler Career Development Facilitator

Morgan Daniels

Social Worker 

Cordelia Glover Counselor, Blazer Academy
Tonda Goines Registrar
Mary Harmon Work-Based Learning

Trena Mack

Counselor, Seniors Mo-Sl; Underclassmen M-Sc

Zipporah Little Counselor, CAT Program
Holly van Zyl Career Development Facilitator, CAT Program

Janet Vargas-Riordan

Counselor, Seniors Sm-Z; Underclassmen Se-Z

Frenchie Walker
Lead, Learn & Serve and Volunteer Coordinator
Jacqueline Walker
Counselor, Seniors A-Cn, H-I; Underclassmen C-Go

Jami Warren