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Ridge View High SchoolGuidance Graduation Info

Graduation Requirements
A minimum of 24 credits is required for graduation, and the credits are divided into the following categories:

​Number of Units Needed
​English/Language Arts ​4.0
​Mathematics ​4.0
​Science ​3.0
​U.S. History & Constitution ​1.0
​Economics ​0.5
​U.S. Government ​0.5
​Other Social Studies ​1.0
​Physical Education or JROTC ​1.0
​Computer Science (includes Keyboarding) ​1.0
​Foreign Language or Career Technology Education ​1.0
​Electives ​6.5
​Health ​0.5
Total ​24.0
The policies for graduation include the following:
  • Students entering SC public high schools in the fall of 2006 through the fall of 2009 are required to pass Physical Science in order to earn a diploma.  Students entering SC public high school in the fall of 2010 can pass either Physical Science or Biology.  Students entering SC public high schools in the fall of 2011 or thereafter must pass Biology to earn a diploma.
  • To meet the state high school diploma requirements for students in a college preparatory program one unit must be earned in a foreign language (most four-year colleges and universities require at least two units of the same foreign language).  For students in a career and technology program, one unit must be earned in occupational education.
  • The student must demonstrate proficiency in computer literacy before graduation. 
Other Graduation Information