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​Richland Northeast High School is proud to be part of Richland School District Two's 1-TWO-1 computing initiative. Students will be assigned their personal Samsung Chromebooks. In order to take their devices home each night, students must be enrolled in the Chromebook protection plan. Here are the documents concerning Chromebooks and their use in and out of school:

Chromebook protection plan, click here: Chromebook protection plan form
Fill out this document and return with cash or checks for $50 payable to Richland Northeast High School to enroll in the protection plan. Students must be enrolled in this plan in order to take their Chromebooks home at night.

Daily use of Chromebooks, click here: Daily use Chromebook form
Fill out this form and return it for students who wish to use their Chromebooks only at school.

To decline the use of a Chromebook, click here: Decline Chromebook form
Students who decline the use of a school-owned Chromebook must provide their own computing device, as explained on the form.

Responsible use policy for technology, click here: Responsible use policy form
All students must have a parent-signed copy of this form on file at Richland Northeast High School.