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Kelly Mill MiddleHealth Room

Health Room

 Contact Us:

 Doris Gier, School Nurse           803.691.7210, ext. 3020

 Patti Brady, Health Room Aide    803.691.7210, ext. 3021

SchoolNurse.pngWelcome to the health room at Kelly Mill Middle School. The health room provides first aid, care and comfort to students with illness or injury. Ms. Doris Gier and her health room assistant, Ms. Patti Brady, administer medications to students as stipulated by district policies, maintain Health Room records, and refer current or potential health problems to the District Nurse. The staff communicates with parents as needed with regard to health or injury issues relative to their child/children. 

Parents, these web pages are designed to communicate State and District policies regarding the administration of school health care to your children. The pages linked at the left all address issues with which we need your assistance and cooperation in order to maintain a safe and healthy school, as well as keeping you informed. Please take the time to become familiar with these web pages.

Your children are administered medications based on policy direction provided by RSD2 and by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). Two DHEC documents that provide much of the state's policy guidance to school health rooms are the DHEC School Exclusion List which identifies the illnesses for which an ill child may be sent home from school, and the DHEC Schedule of Required Vaccinations, Screenings, and Immunizations for School Admittance. Take the time to become familiar with these documents.

IMPORTANT! Immunization Requirements for Rising Seventh Graders (Click here.)


Students are to be sent to the health room during class time for health emergencies only.
Students must wear school ID and have a pass from the teacher in order to come to the health room during class time.

Parents, please provide the nurse with a current and signed RSD2 Health Update form. This form provides the nurse with essential information regarding your child's chronic health conditions, allergies and emergency information (including Medicaid number, if applicable).
This information will be known only to the school nurse and other pertinent school personnel who have a need to know. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in the health room.
The Health Update Form also is used to inform the school of changes to your home and work phone numbers as well as those of your designated emergency contacts.
You, or your designated emergency contacts, will be notified if your child becomes ill enough to exclude from school, sustains an injury requiring a physician's care, or other emergencies.
Parents have a responsibility to pick up an ill or injured child as promptly as possible. Requests for special bathroom privileges, slow passes, water during class time, elevator passes, etc. require a written physician's note. Please note that such requests can be honored only if a current health update form and physician's note are on file. 
Parents: School is no place for a sick child. An ill child can compromise the learning process for everyone and place other children at potential risk by exposure to a sick child's illness.
The school nurse provides first aid and medical care primarily for sudden illnesses or sudden injuries that occur during the school day or for treatment directed by the family physician. The health room is not a primary care facility like a doctor's office. A student should not be sent to school for the nurse to determine if he/she is well enough to attend.
Please refer to DHEC memorandum School Exclusion List: A Quick Guide for Parents on assessing your child. We ask that if you note these symptoms in your child at home, that you do not send your ill child to school.
Students should remain free from fever for at least 24 hours before returning to school after an illness regardless of how they feel.
At the same time we are asking you to keep sick children at home, we must tell you not to waste excused sick days. Attendance policy restricts the number of excused absences. Not feeling well or having cramps are not good excuses for missing school, particularly when your child really gets sick toward the end of the semester and has no excused absences remaining. Use excused absences wisely.