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Friday, October 02 - The Principal's Corner

The Principal’s Corner


Parents, I know getting homework completed can be a challenging time for students and parents. Here are some helpful homework tips that you might find to be beneficial. It is important that parents are involved in assisting and supporting children as they put forth an effort to complete homework continue to learn from their classroom experiences.


How to Help Your Child With Homework Without Doing It for Them

Your child struggles with homework and asks you for help. You're happy to assist them, but you also want them to learn to problem solve. Here are some tips that will help you help your child get through homework struggles without depending on you for all the answers.


Adopt an attitude of “Homework can be fun!” Your kids will take their cues from you and will quickly learn that homework can be challenging, rewarding and even enjoyable.


Help your children develop a written homework plan that includes a timeline and goals, using whatever tools are the most appealing to them: computer, notebook, giant calendar page, blackboard, sticky notes on the refrigerator door, even dry-erase markers on their bedroom window. Anything will work, as long as it’s something they find fun and are eager to take part in.


Develop a reward system that promises more fun. Create a system that works for your family and budget. One possibility uses fun tickets as motivation. Each time your child earns a reward, give him a ticket toward a set goal: movies with mom, breakfast in bed, extra TV time or a special trip to the playground. Making the rewards something memorable rather than monetary will inspire long-term positive attitudes regarding homework.


Feed your child first. “People don’t realize a child’s brain is burning through energy very, very rapidly and needs consistent fuel,” says registered dietitian Martha Rosenau of Colorado Springs. She says as soon as kids get home from school, they need to eat a “meal” which consists of a portion of carbohydrates, protein and fat. “The point is: food has to go in before homework goes on. Eating is critical for homework to be effective. Kids would be short-changing themselves in terms of production, concentration and productivity if they try to do brain work on an empty stomach.”


Set the stage. Find a place to do homework, make sure supplies are ready, and have a stopwatch available at all times.


Get geared up to pour on the praise. When your students finish one of the following activities, always reward them with a “Great job!” and possibly a handful of a healthy snack mix.

If you desire to look further into this matter, please go to The information provided here was taken from that website.


Dr. Robert M. Scotland


Friday, September 25 - The Principal's Corner

The Principal’s Corner



 There is significant research that indicates students are much more successful in school when parents/guardians are involved in the school on a regular basis. There are several ways this can occur.

 We have an open door policy for parents to come to the school, visit classrooms, conference with teachers, chaperon on field studies, volunteer at the school, serve on the Parent Teacher Organization and the School Improvement Council, and many more. Additionally, parents play a key role in assisting students in setting goals for the school year, establishing expectations for students, and ensuring students know what parents’ expectations are on a daily basis. Another vital role for all parents to play in their child’s education is ensuring your child is prepared for school each day, completing all assignments daily, and reading every day. While these seem like small matters and, in a sense they are, they all pay great dividends to the child who does them as indicated.

 With that in mind, we thank all the parents who came for conferences with teachers. Please, please, if you have not had a conference with child’s teacher, make arrangements to do so immediately. Your child deserves it and benefits greatly from it. It says so much to him or her about your priorities and how much you value him or her and their education.

 It is our goal at Killian Elementary School to provide parents with support and assistance in order for all students to be successful. Therefore, teachers will make themselves available outside school hours in order to meet with you. Your child and we want and need your involvement. Again, thank you to all parents who have attended a conference with your child’s teacher.

 We look forward to seeing you in the building where you send your most precious gift five days a week.

 If you have not had a conference with your child’s teacher, please contact the teacher right away to schedule a conference. It will say so many positive things to your child about your support of him or her.

 Preparing Tomorrow’s LeadersToday!”


“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” --George Santayana

 Dr. Robert M. Scotland


Wednesday, September 23 - Killian Kick Off Was a Success! Thank YOU!


Friday, September 11 - The Principal's Corner

The Principal’s Corner




We are so pleased to partner with you in meeting your child’s educational needs. We seek to address those needs in the classroom in many ways every day. Your support is also vitally important. With that in mind, I share with you the information in this week’s communication. If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you throughout the year. 

Develop a partnership with your child's teachers and school staff

 Meet your child's teacher. As soon as the school year starts, try to find a way to meet your child's teacher. Let the teacher know you want to help your child learn. Make it clear that you want the teacher to contact you if any problems develop with your child.

 Get to know who's who at your child's school. There are many people at your child's school who are there to help your child learn, grow socially and emotionally, and navigate the school environment. This list of people includes teachers, administrators, nurse, instructional aides, guidance counselor, psychologist and many others. Each school is different but all have a host of persons at the school for the purpose of meeting your needs.

 Attend parent-teacher conferences and keep in touch with your child's teacher. We usually have one or two parent-teacher conferences each year. You can bring a friend to interpret for you or ask the school to provide an interpreter. You can also ask to meet with your child's teacher any time during the year. If you have a concern and can't meet face-to-face, send the teacher a short note or set up a time to talk on the phone.

 Support your child academically

 Find out how your child is doing. Ask the teacher how well your child is doing in class compared to other students. If your child is not keeping up, especially when it comes to reading, ask what you or the school can do to help. It's important to act early before your child gets too far behind. Also be sure to review your child's report card each time it comes out. Additionally, please ensure you review your child’s weekly progress report.

 Make sure that your child gets homework done. Let your child know that you think education is important and that homework needs to be done each day. You can help your child with homework by setting aside a special place to study, establishing a regular time for homework, and removing distractions such as the television and social phone calls during homework time.

 If you are reluctant to help your child with homework because you feel that you do not know the subject well enough or because you feel that you do not read or speak English, you can still help. You can show that you are interested by helping your child get organized. You can provide necessary materials. Also, ask your child about daily assignments. Remember not to do their homework for them.  Most of all praise all of your child’s efforts.

 Ask questions. If something concerns you about your child's learning or behavior, ask the teacher, assistant principal or principal about it and seek their advice. Your questions may be like these:

What specific problem is my child having with reading? What can I do to help my child with this problem?  How can I get my child to do homework? Which reading group is my child in?

 Dr. Robert M. Scotland


Friday, September 04 - The Principal's Corner

The Principal’s Corner


It has been another exciting week at Killian. Students are settling into the school year with ease and teachers are about the business of creating engaging learning experiences that students enjoy. Please continue to support your child’s reading and good study habits throughout the school year. Many grandparents attended our First Friday Breakfast today and were able to spend time with grandchildren. We were glad to see all the grandparents who attended. Thank you for supporting the school and your family members.


We invite all of our Killian families to attend our Killian Kickoff on Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. A number of fun and very family–oriented activities are being planned for your enjoyment to include bounce houses, slides, a dunking booth, games, and food. This will be a great time for families, school faculty and staff to spend renewing acquaintances and enjoying each other’s company. We hope you will attend! We will also have an iPad mini as a door prize for a donation of $2.00. Please join us for this family time at Killian and take advantage of the opportunity to spend some time with your child’s teacher. We look forward to seeing each of you.


Our school dismissal begins at 2:50 PM each day. All car riders are expected to be picked up by 3:15 PM. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up each day by this time. When a child is not picked up on time, it requires others to remain with your child beyond their work hours. If you are chronically picking up your child after 3:15 PM, it could begin costing you for someone to supervise him or her until you arrive. We would like to prevent that additional cost to you.


Finally, if you need to change your child’s method of transportation for dismissal, it must be in writing in order for us to assist you. In rare emergencies, we will accept a verbal change via the telephone. However, this is much less than desirable since anyone could call the school claiming to be a child’s parent. Please assist us in keeping your child safe by providing these changes in writing.


We are excited about the school year at Killian Elementary as we enhance our culture of continuous learning, school-wide collaboration, shared leadership and cooperative consistency.


Dr. Robert M. Scotland



“Affirming words from moms and dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child’s life and it’s like lighting up a whole roomful of possibilities.”                          

                                                                - Gary Smalley​

Friday, September 04 - First Friday Grandparents' Breakfast was a GREAT success! Thank you for coming!


Friday, August 28 - The Principal's Corner

The Principal’s Corner


Greetings to all the wonderful parents of Killian’s outstanding students, the Leading Lions!  It is great to have all your children back in school and we look forward to an exciting and productive year of engaging them in learning experiences that will help them to learn at the highest level.  Throughout the year, you will be invited to be a part of the school’s TEAM (Together Each Achieves More) as we work together “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders…Today!” Teachers will be asking you to provide information about your child in order to better meet their needs, and you might be asked to come in and talk with the teacher if additional information is needed. We hope you will be available as we work to strengthen the home-school relationship while educating children.


A number of events will be planned throughout the school year to involve families in the life of the school. Therefore, we are asking parents to please join the PTO and support its efforts to provide activities and funds to facilitate the work we do with students.  With that in mind, our first event for the year is our Grandparents’ First Friday Breakfast which will be Friday, September 5th at 7:30 AM. All grandparents are invited to attend. Students have been given a form to be completed and returned to the homeroom teacher.  Also, on Saturday, September 6th, we will have our Killian Kick-Off from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM on the school grounds.  A number of fun and very family –oriented activities are being planned for your enjoyment. More information will be forthcoming regarding this event. This will be a great time for families and school faculty and staff to spend renewing acquaintances and enjoying each other’s company. We hope you will attend!


We have changed our afternoon car rider procedures in order to expedite time. All car riders will report to the outside at 2:50. We ask parents to pull as far forward as possible in order to move the car rider line from Clemson Road and to quickly load each student.


Again, our PTO has already begun working for the school’s benefit this year. Many of you joined them during the school orientation. Additionally, there are many opportunities and needs for parent volunteers. If you are able to volunteer an hour or maybe more, we invite you to inform your child’s teacher or contact the PTO board members. Your presence and assistance will be greatly valued and appreciated. Thank you for all the ways you support our efforts at Killian. Thank you for your support.


We look forward to a most rewarding and successful year at Killian Elementary where as a TEAM, we are “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders…Today!”


Dr. Robert Scotland, Principal​

For more information about our current events please see STEAM Leaders' Ledger​ 

Friday, August 21 - Have You Completed Registration?


Friday, August 21 - Active Gamecocks


Killian Elementary students are invited to participate in the fall segment of the Active Gamecocks program. Any student that participates in the program and is active for 30 minutes a day for two weeks will receive complimentary admission for themselves and one parent to three different USC sporting events. Please follow the links for more information, and contact Coach Byrd at if you have any questions or concerns.​

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