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wellness policy

Richland School District Two’s Local Wellness Policy is overseen by the Deputy Superintendent. Local Wellness Policy questions can be sent to Based on CDC guidelines, Richland School District Two strives to meet the needs of the whole child based upon the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) with additional wellness policy resources provided by the USDA.

Each school has a coordinated school health team composed of PE, nutrition services, nursing services, counseling/ social work/psychological services, administration, parents, students (as appropriate), etc. Schools focus on creating an atmosphere of health and wellness for students and employees. 

In addition to each school based team, there is a district level team with a similar makeup of stakeholders. 

Superintendent’s Health Advisory Council

Richland Two Health Advisory Council Members

We work actively with our local and district partners to meet the health and nutrition standards set forth by the South Carolina Department of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture. Our food services partner, Sodexo, ensures our students and staff have access to a well balanced, healthy diet.  

Richland Two School Board Policies of ADF- School Wellness and the Administrative Rule- ADF-R guide our teams. You can read a condensed version by clicking here. Our district completed the District Wellness Policy Triennial Assessment in June 2020. You can read a copy by clicking here.

School fundraisers that involve the sale of foods or beverages must utilize the Smart Snack Calculator to determine if the food/ beverage meets the USDA Smart Snack guidelines. If the food/ beverage does not meet Smart Snack guidelines, the food/beverage cannot be sold at school. Healthy fundraising ideas and resources can be found HERE.

Richland School District Two Learning Support Services Department is designed to assist schools and parents in reducing barriers to student learning. LSS Staff members believe that all students can learn and succeed in school.  We work closely with families, teachers, and community members in identifying challenges facing individual students and families and in developing conditions that support each student in accomplishing goals. Every Richland Two school has an LSS Team devoted to these issues. School level team members include counselors, School Nurses, social workers, and psychologists.

In addition, the LSS District team includes Family/School Intervention Services, which provides group and individual family interventions to address needs; a bilingual mental health professional, who works with Spanish-speaking students and their families. Homebound Services assist students and families when a student is unable to attend school due to an identified health concern. Check out the Family Wellness page for resources to promote emotional, mental and social wellness.

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