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Health and safety protocols Influenza and Influenza-like illness (ILI)

Influenza-like Illness (ILI) is defined as an oral temperature greater than 100 degrees with a cough and/or sore throat for which no other known cause exists.

Any individual with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher (without other symptoms) must be excluded from school until he/she has had no fever for 24 hours without using fever-reducing medication.

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As of July 18, 2023, DHEC no longer lists specific symptoms of COVID-19 that lead to school/childcare exclusion.

Any individual with a positive COVID-19 test will be excluded from school until:

  • they have had no fever for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication AND
  • they have experienced an improvement in symptoms AND
  • at least 5 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

Individuals returning to school/work on days 6-10 are highly encouraged to wear a mask on these days.  Parents should report Positive COVID-19 tests to the School Nurse and the attendance secretary by sending them a copy of the positive test results from a health care provider or the Attestation forms on this page.


A cohort is defined as a group that shares a setting (e.g., classroom, sports team, bus, etc.). An “outbreak” is when 20% of a cohort tests positive for COVID-19 within a 72-hour period.

During periods of “outbreak,” electrostatic spraying will occur at the end of each day in addition to standard cleaning procedures. Student-athletes returning to play after Isolation for COVID will follow a progressive Return to Play (RTP):

  • COVID Positive with symptoms = 2-day progressive RTP
  • COVID Positive with NO symptoms =  1-day progressive RTP

Note: During outbreaks or under special circumstances, DHEC may change the length of an exclusion period, and also apply the exclusion criteria to other students, children and staff who are not confirmed by laboratory testing but who display the same symptoms of illness as lab-confirmed cases.

Academic Engagement

Students who are isolated due to a COVID-19 infection (and feel well enough to engage academically) will have access to academic assignments during their absence.

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Pre-K and Kindergarten students will complete Choice Board assignments unless otherwise designated.

Grades 1 through 5
Assignments for students in grades 1 through 5 will be posted in Google Classroom. Students may also access MyPath and DreamBox using their Chromebooks. Additionally, real-time academic assistance is available through

Grades 6 through 12
Assignments for students in grades 6 through 12 will be posted in Google Classroom. Students also have access to for real-time academic assistance. Additionally, students/parents may contact their teachers to request access to Edgenuity, a web-based learning platform.
All assignments are due within 5 days of the date the student returns to school.

*Any of the following documents may be submitted as documentation of positive test results: (1) test results from a lab, (2) a note from a physician or (3) a home attestation form.
NOTE: If there is a breakout of disease, DHEC may change the length of the exclusion period and may also apply the exclusion criteria to other students and staff who display the same symptoms of illness, but are not confirmed by laboratory testing.


Attendance for students who are isolated due to testing positive for COVID-19 will be coded as SC-VTP (virtual present) so long as the student:(1) provides documentation of positive test results* and (2) submits assigned work or participates in assigned activities in accordance with the teacher’s directions.

Students enrolled in high school courses and are coded as SC-VTP are granted credit for seat time.

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