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Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is an instructional support services program  provided by the school district. The program is aligned with the regular academic school year.  Those students who cannot attend school because of illness, accident or pregnancy, even with the aid of transportation may be considered for services. Prior to participation in the program, the student’s medical doctor must complete the Medical Homebound Instruction Form. Upon receipt, review and verification of the form, district officials will determine if homebound instruction is the best educational option for the student. Homebound instruction is provided by a certified teacher. Students approved for homebound instruction receive at least one hour of homebound assistance for each eligible/approved day of absence from school. There is no cost to the parent/guardian for the service.



Stephanie Catoe

Lead Teacher

Theresa Counts-Davis

Lead Teacher
District Office, Pupil services, Learning Support Services

Purpose of Homebound Instruction

The purpose of homebound instruction is to provide continuity in the student’s’ educational program, so that upon returning to school, the student may make a smooth transition back into his/her classes.  The homebound teacher serves as a liaison between the student’s school and the student’s home by facilitating assignments provided by the student’s classroom teachers. Efforts are made to “mirror” the student’s coursework. However, for students absent from school for more than two weeks, continued enrollment in certain high-level, participatory and specialized courses may not be possible. In these instances, parents, school counselors, administrators and district officials  are consulted and the student’s course of study may be modified without penalty.

Program Guidelines

Students must be enrolled in a district school to be eligible for homebound instruction. Students absent from school, eight or more consecutive school days due to health reasons, may be considered for homebound instruction. Students qualifying and approved for homebound instruction are required to complete all approved homebound instruction hours and assignments. Students approved for homebound instruction may not be in daily attendance or participate in classes, field studies, sports related activities or other extracurricular activities unless approved by the district. Reasonable efforts will be made by homebound teachers to guide students in completing assignments provided by their subject teachers and assigned homebound hours. Homebound hours not completed may revert to absences. Medical documentation for absences from homebound instruction may be required.  Students failing to complete required assignments from subject teachers may receive below average grades.


Parent concerns and questions about Homebound Eligibility and Services will be addressed and attempts made to resolve these through collaboration with the school team, the District Lead Teacher for Homebound, and the medical team.  
If these efforts are unsuccessful, appeals of medical homebound decisions should be directed in writing to the Executive Director of Learning Support Services, Richland School District Two, R2i2, within 10 school days of the decision.


SC Board of Education RegulationsSBE Regulation 43-241: Medical Homebound Instruction
Richland Two School Board policy regarding Medical Homebound InstructionClick here to view this board policy.

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