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Future Address Enrollment

Future Address Enrollment

Richland Two does have a process for families wishing to enroll based on their future residence. The approval of a request to allow students to enroll in the future school of their residence is not mandated by the SC Code of Laws; it is something school districts can do for parents if they request it and are willing to abide by the terms outlined in a school district board policy.  Those terms are as follows:

  1. For future home purchases: Parents must present a complete copy of their contract with all signature areas signed. Additionally, the contract must indicate a closing or completion date. In the past, builders have been willing to give their best-estimated date. Richland Two needs to have an official verification either in the contract or an official signed statement from the builder. Richland Two requires a contract indicating the move will occur within 90 school days.

    For future home leases: Parents must present a complete copy of the lease agreement with all signature areas signed. Richland Two requires a lease agreement indicating the move will occur within 30 school days.

  2. Proof of current address until your closing (this location can be any residence including house, apartment, hotel, corporate housing, etc. whether the location is temporary or permanent).

Should the current residence be outside the district there is a required written release from the school district the residence is in and prorated tuition for the number of days until your closing. 

  1. Payment of Tuition: Tuition for a year per student is $8,203.44, and prorated per day is $45.57. Pursuant to State law and District policy, while a non-resident child otherwise meeting the enrollment requirements of State law and District policy may attend school in our District, the District requires that the child pay the appropriate non-resident tuition.

In order to request enrollment based on future residence you will need to send all required information and documents to the District Registrar Administrative Assistant Laura Simoneaux, at All requests and residents must be in the name of the parent/legal guardian.

Please include:
  • All students/grade levels you wish to register

  • Current and future addresses w/required proof of residence

  • Release from current school district if outside of Richland Two

  • Payment of Tuition if not residing within Richland Two

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