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Exchange students

Richland School District Two values the benefit of having exchange students in our district, contributing to the diversity of our classrooms and schools. In addition, the District believes our student exchange program provides a meaningful cultural experience for students involved and for our community at large.

Participation in a student exchange program can be a worthwhile cultural experience for the students involved and for the community at large. An exchange student must be sponsored by an adult, civic or community organization located within the school district and must attend the school that serves his/her residence.

  1. The sponsoring group must be on the Advisory List of International Educational Travel and Exchange.
  2. Accepted sponsoring organizations wishing to enroll an exchange student in Richland School District Two schools must receive an approval prior to communicating to the exchange student and host parent that a placement will occur and prior to the student arriving in the district.
  3. Students are accepted on a first come, first served basis until the school quota is reached. Organizations are limited to two exchange students per school at any time. 
  4. Placements of exchange students are only approved for grades 9-11.
  5. Exchange students must register at the school assigned to the address of the host family.
  6. Placements will only be approved for a full year.  Richland School District Two does not approve or accept second semester placements.
  7. The district, based on the limited time exchange students spend in a particular school, will not award high school diplomas to exchange students. All credit for courses taken by exchange students will need to be evaluated by the student's home school as to whether it applies toward their graduation requirements.

Procedures for Enrolling Foreign Exchange Students

Exchange organizations with no prior exchange student placements in Richland Two must complete STEP 1 and 2.

Exchange organizations with prior exchange student placements in Richland Two will only need to complete STEP 2.
The sponsoring organization must first contact the Richland Two Registrar's Office at least four months (by April) to when the sponsoring organization will ask to place a student from the program into a Richland School District Two school. If approved, the letter will be kept on file and will not need to be submitted annually as long as the sponsoring organization continues to be listed in the CSIET Advisory List Booklet as an approved agency.

The sponsoring organization must receive prior approval from the Richland Two Registrar's Office each time they want to place a student in a Richland School District Two school. The prior approval must be received no later than two months (by June) prior to the start of the school year. The representative of the sponsoring organization will submit a letter to the District Registrar's Office. The letter should be on organization stationery and detail the following:

  • A summary of what the organization requests of the school district. Included should be information about how many students the organization in requesting to place in Richland School District Two schools.
  • A copy of the school permission form/Supportive Information detailing the following information should be included:
    • Details about the exchange student (name and profile)
    • The host family’s name and address
    • The name of the requested school
    • Start and end date of the exchange period
    • Signature Sheet District


The District Registrar's Office will respond to the sponsoring organization with a letter of approval or denial. If denied, the reason will be stated. If approved, the sponsoring organization will submit the approval letter and the school permission form to the requested school’s director of guidance for placement and enrollment.

The District Registrar's Office and the placement school will keep a copy of the approval letter and school permission form.

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