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Special Education and the Choice Program

Richland School District Two students with an Individualized Education Plans (IEP) are served at their school of residence or if the school of residence does not offer appropriate programming, the student is placed at the school closest to their residence which does offer the programming. 

Students receiving special education may apply for choice to a magnet school, magnet program, virtual school, or another school within the district through the Choice program. During application periods, parents/guardians apply online and follow the district’s school choice process.  The decision to grant the choice request is based on the student’s programming needs and program capacity at the school of choice. Richland Two adheres to state special education program capacity guidelines. Once a student is granted choice, all district transportation rules apply and the student is no longer eligible to receive district transportation, including Special Needs Transportation to and from school. Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation to their school of choice. 

Below, you can find each school and the special education programs within the school. You will find that we do not have every highly specialized program in each school. If there is a green dot next to the special education program, that specific program is currently open for more students. If there is a red dot, we’ve either reached capacity or are close to the state guidelines for caseload sizes. 

Note: Each school in Richland School District Two is either open for Expanded Choice or Schoolwide Magnet selection in the Richland Two Choice Lottery Process.  When referring to schools closed to choice, we are only referencing either Expanded Choice or their Schoolwide Magnet program.

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