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All Richland Two schools provide excellent educational opportunities for students. Most students attend neighborhood schools based on their residential address. Through the Choice program families may apply to a magnet program, virtual school, or another school within the district.

Richland Two Offers a Variety of Choices


Magnet Programs offer learning opportunities related to various themes for interested students. Students in Richland School District Two may apply to a Magnet Program regardless of where they are zoned.


Expanded Choice offers parents and students the opportunity to apply to attend a school other than the school for which they are zoned. Selection of non-zoned students is based on school capacity and determined through lottery.


The R2 AVID Early College is open to students who are willing to become part of the AVID class for all four years of high school. Eligibility will be determined through a number of factors to include eighth grade PSAT score (if taken) or MAP and Lexile scores.

How Does the Choice Program Work?

During Choice Program application periods, parents/guardians apply online, indicate up to three schools/programs they would like to attend. Parents/guardians return to the application at a pre-determined time to accept or decline placement offers. Placements take effect the following school year. Only students residentially zoned for Richland School District Two are eligible to apply and participate in the Richland Two Choice Program.

Lottery Selection or Criterion Selection?

Applications fall into one of two categories: Lottery or Criterion Selection

Schools Closed to Choice I

Each school in Richland School District Two is either open for Expanded Choice or Schoolwide Magnet selection in the Richland Two Choice Lottery Process.  The following schools have been determined to be at or above their program capacity and will be closed to either Expanded Choice or their Schoolwide Magnet program.

Note: If the above schools have School-Within-a-School magnets, the School-Within-a-School magnet programs will remain open.

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Please Note:

  1. If you accept a seat in a magnet program during Choice 1, you are ineligible to apply for other Choice options in Choice 2.

  2. If you apply to magnet programs in Choice 1, but are not selected, you do not need to re-apply in Choice 2 for the same programs. Your Choice 1 applications remain in the magnet program waiting pool.
  3. If you apply to magnet programs in Choice 1, but are not selected, you can apply to different magnet programs during Choice 2. However, applying for different programs during Choice 2 will take you out of the waiting pools for your Choice 1 selections. Duplicate applications may result in a delay or even non-selection to programs.
  4. Not all schools and magnet programs accept applications during Choice 2. Furthermore, some magnet programs only have openings for certain grade levels. If you apply to a grade level without openings, you are applying to be added to the wait pool for the magnet program.
  5. Any applications that are started but not submitted prior to the deadline will not be accepted and withdrawn.


Contact Us!

Choice Contacts (Choice Process, Expanded Choice)

Roger Wiley

District Registrar

Laura Simoneaux

Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Lausi

Magnets (School Within-A-School, Schoolwide and Centers)

Barbara Turner

Director of Magnet Programs

Christina Stevenson

Secretary - Magnet Programs
eSchool Program

AVID Early College
Jeffrey McMicken

Jeffrey McMicken

AVID Coordinator
2023 Choice Fair Hero