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Bus Routes

The routes posted list the stops in sequential order. 

It is important to note that arrival times at stops are estimates only.  Buses can be expected to arrive within +/- 10 minutes of the posted time, depending on traffic, mechanical issues, weather conditions, and other factors. 

Please ensure that your child is at the stop at least 10 minutes prior to the posted time.

Each school link below contains all routes for that school.  Scroll down to view all of the routes. 

Routes are subject to change.

Schools are served by three transportation hubs: Killian, Richland Northeast, and Special Needs.  The Killian hub serves schools located roughly in the northern half of the district.  The Richland Northeast hub serves schools located roughly in the southern half of the district.  Special Needs serves the entire district.  

The first point of contact regarding a transportation matter is your child's transportation hub.  To determine hub responsibility by school, refer to this table.  Please note that the Special Needs Transportation Hub serves all schools in the district.  If you have questions regarding special needs transportation, please contact them at 803-790-3047.

To locate the zoned school for an address see the School Zone Locater.

Note that Summit Parkway Middle School and Westwood High School are jointly served by the Killian and Richland Northeast hubs.  See the Summit Parkway and Westwood routes below for a listing of hub responsibilities by stop.

Important note for Jackson Creek Elementary studentsStudents who reside at Timber Ridge subdivision (Misty Oak Rd.) board at the Tanglewood Apartments stop.  Students who reside at Huntington or Creekside Condos (7602 Hunt Club Road) board at the Hunt Club Apartments stop.

Regular School Year (August - May) Routes

The routes posted below are for students who ride on a regular education route only.  If your child requires special needs transportation per his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP), please contact the Special Needs Transportation Hub at 803-790-3047 for details.

Please Note: Route start and end times and estimated arrival times at stops are frequently updated.  Bus assignments are occasionally changed.  Please check back regularly for route changes.

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Transportation Routing Technicians

Important note for High School bus riders: On late start Wednesdays, high school students should be at their assigned bus stop approximately 35-45 minutes later than the usual (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)/posted time for the routes.  This applies only to high school students.  Elementary and middle school students should be at their assigned stop at the usual/posted time on late start Wednesdays.

Bus Routes