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CENTEGIX CrisisAlert

What is it?

In a crisis, every second counts. The CrisisAlert™ Badge™ is a badge that will be worn by every teacher, administrator, SRO, and staff member. With the push of the button on the badge, help is on the way. 

How does it work? 

  • Two types of alerts:
    • StaffAlert™
      • Urgent “help-needed” scenario: medical issue, injury, fights/bullying, custody issues, etc.
      • Notifies responders with who and where (map)
  • Campus-wide Emergency Lockdown
    • Used to lock down the entire campus in the event of an Active Shooter or other emergencies
    • Notifies responders with who and where (map)
    • Lockdown provides audio and visual alerts:
      • Strobes placed in every classroom, hallway, and common area flash and beep
      • Every screen is taken over and displays a lockdown message
      • Intercom plays pre-recorded lockdown message
  • District or school can also trigger alerts remotely for weather emergencies, bomb threats, etc.

Every Richland Two Employee Carries a CrisisAlert Badge

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