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The Planning Department works synergistically with schools and divisions across the district to ensure that resources are allocated effectively and efficiently.  The team​ works to advance the superintendent’s initiatives and to support school board policies.

The Planning Department 

  • Develop forecasts, reports, and recommendations that support the district’s short‐ and long‐range
    planning decisions.
  • Create annual school and district enrollment forecasts.
  • Coordinate the continual updates and implementation efforts of the District Strategic Plan and any
    continuous improvement efforts.
  • Maintain school attendance boundaries and facilitate any rezoning decisions.
  • Serve as liaison with neighborhood planning groups and other community organizations interested in
    school planning and development.
  • Assist new charter schools seeking sponsorship from the District in the application process.
  • Coordinate with the State Department and AdvancEd on behalf of the District to assure compliance
    with accreditation.
  • Monitors enrollment and demographics throughout the year and work collaboratively with Human
    Resources and Finance to allocate resources based on district standards.
  • Complete student enrollment projections for the upcoming school year to assist with staffing
    allocation procedures.
  • Work collaboratively with Operations to review/update the 10‐year facilities plan and Programming
    Study as needed.
  • Work collaboratively with Operations in the planning for and designing of future facilities throughout
    the district.
  • Works with all schools to assure all classrooms and programs have sufficient space to support 21st
    century learning.
  • Manages the District’s GIS program and all spatial data.
  • Work with County, City, State, COG, and other local organizations to track, analyze, and report trends
    in housing and other economic shifts.
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