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Guest teachers

Guest teachers help maintain our students' academic progress because they are committed to quality teaching and learning.

In the absence of the regular classroom teacher, they are making a difference in our schools. As part of the community, you too can help make a difference in the lives of children. Generally, some individuals guest teach not only for the flexible schedule but for the invaluable experience they receive in the classroom. Working with a great team of administrators and school staff is an added bonus.

guest teacher

Benefits include

  • Flexible schedule
  • Training
  • Summers off
  • Wonderful schools
  • Direct payroll deposit
  • Participation in S.C. Retirement System
  • Certified teachers may be eligible for teachers daily rate of pay

Guest Teacher Salary Rates

Guest teachers can work a full day (7.5 hours) or a half day (3.75 hours). Payday is on the 15th and last day of each month.

The current Guest Teacher Salary Rates are: 

High School Diploma - $95 per day or $12.66 per hour 

​Associate's Degree or 60 Semester Hours - $105 per day or $14 per hour 

Four-year College Degree - $115 per day or $15.33 per hour 

South Carolina Certified Teacher - Teacher daily rate of pay based on valid SC teaching certificate, degree level, and years of experience (The teacher daily rate applies to day-to-day and long term assignments.)

Long-Term Assignments:

A guest teacher assignment (for the teacher of record) is considered long-term if it lasts 10 or more consecutive days. Guest teachers must have prior approval to work in a long-term assignment.

Non-certified long-term guest teachers will be paid their regular daily rate of pay for the entire assignment.

If guest teacher holds a valid Professional South Carolina teaching certificate, he or she will be paid at the teacher's daily rate of pay for the entire assignment. If the guest teacher holds a valid Retired Educator Certificate, he or she will be paid at the teacher daily rate of pay for up to twelve (12) years of experience.

Guest Teacher of the Year Program

The Guest Teacher of the Year Award program was designed by the district to recognize the outstanding achievements of guest teachers.

All district guest teachers are eligible for nomination.

To be nominated, each nominee must perform his or her duties in such an outstanding manner as to significantly contribute to the operation of schools and the district as well as provide 90+ days of service during the current school year.

The recipient is recognized at an annual orientation and presented with an award and a $50 dinner gift certificate from the superintendent.

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