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Volunteer Services

The daily operations of Richland Two schools and centers are enriched by the time and dedication of thousands of volunteers. Parents, grandparents, retirees, military personnel, business professionals, college students and other community members are an integral part of this school district's success.

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Daytime Volunteers

Daytime volunteers help with various projects during the school day. Their assistance includes helping in the media center or workroom, chaperoning one-day field trips, assisting with field days, leading school fundraisers, lending a hand during classroom activities, etc.

Please call the Volunteer Coordinator at your school for more information.

Like all visitors to our schools, these volunteers must check in through the Ident-A-Kid station during regular school hours. Ident-A-Kid is a visitor management system that performs a sexual offender check against the national sex offender registry. This system eliminates the need for these volunteers to be cleared through a SecureVolunteer background check.

Mentors and Tutors

These volunteers regularly work directly with students on a one-on-one basis.

A mentor is a caring adult who is willing to be a good listener and non-judgmental friend to a student who can benefit from guidance and individual attention. Mentors help students broaden their vision of opportunities, understand the value of education and accomplish academic and personal goals. Mentors have assigned students and meeting times, so they must able to commit long-term and be dependable. Mentors must be cleared through a SecureVolunteer background check before they can be approved to mentor.

Tutors provide students with one-on-one help they might not receive in the classroom. Tutoring can help a student master concepts and subjects by presenting material in a different way. Tutors are needed during and after school hours. Tutors must be cleared through a SecureVolunteer background check before they can work with students. Click Start Your Background Screen below to start a background check.

Overnight Chaperones

These volunteers travel with student groups on overnight field studies/trips.

Students participate in a number of athletic, artistic and educational activities that require overnight travel and volunteers are needed to help chaperone these trips. They help by directing their assigned group of students to designated areas and are responsible for the safety of these students for the duration of the trip. Chaperones should be patient and helpful but firm, with the understanding that the rules apply to all students. Overnight chaperones must be cleared through a SecureVolunteer background check before the trip. Volunteers seeking approval for overnight field trips should submit an application at least two weeks before the trip.

Community Volunteers

Richland Two appreciates the contributions and support of our communities. Even if you don’t have a child or grandchild in our schools, there are many opportunities for you to contribute to the quality educational activities in our schools. Community volunteers must be cleared through a SecureVolunteer background check before they can volunteer in the district.

Because the safety of our students is always our primary concern, a background check is required for: mentors/tutors, overnight chaperones and community volunteers. The background check screens for felony crimes, sex offender, driving under the influence offenses, drug offenses, domestic abuse, burglary and assault.

Volunteer DOs!

  • Review Board Policy IJOC School Volunteers and Administrative Rule IJOC-R School Volunteers.
  • Log volunteer hours with school volunteer coordinator. Include hours worked outside of the school setting or after school hours (chaperoning field trips, district functions, athletic/band booster clubs, serving on PTA/PTO boards, foundations, School Improvement Councils, phone calls, e-mails and travel time to and from the place of service, etc.).
  • Ask questions before making assumptions about situations you may encounter in schools.
  • Remember that anything heard, learned or seen concerning students must be kept confidential.
  • Obtain permission to visit other classrooms, students or teachers while working in schools.
  • Dress appropriately for the school setting.
  • Speak positively about schools and the district, especially while working in the schools or at district functions.
  • Know the name of the school’s volunteer coordinator or school volunteer contact.
  • When volunteering, carry and be able to produce when asked your Secure Volunteer ID card.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the school in which you are volunteering to serve.


Sexual Harassment



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