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Richland Two values the support we receive from our community partners who offer activities, services and enrichment opportunities that support the learning taking place in our schools.

For that reason, we make information about these community activities, services and enrichment opportunities available to families, provided that the flyer from the partnering organization meets our standards.


  • Activities must benefit our students, help develop character, must be youth-related or related to youth education, and/or be part of a community recreation program.

  • Flyer shall not promote nor discourage religion and shall be nondenominational in nature.

  • Flyer contains school names only as part of the location information for events held at schools and in no way implies events are endorsed by school or district.

  • Flyer does not disrupt the educational process, violate the rights of others, include material that is defamatory, invade the privacy of others, infringe on a copyright, or be obscene, vulgar or indecent. Materials regarding for-profit (commercial) businesses are generally not permitted. Exceptions can be made for school partners who have an ongoing relationship with the school, or district-level partners. If approved, the flyer will have a minimal amount of advertising content.
  • Flyer shall not violate any Richland Two Board policy including Policy KHB and Policy KHC.
  • Flyer must be electronic and submitted to the Richland Two Communications and Strategic Partnerships Office for approval.
  • Richland Two allows approved information for nonprofit 501(c)(3) and not-for-profit organizations, providing the material meets district criteria and guidelines.

  • Materials regarding for-profit (commercial) businesses are generally not permitted. However, exceptions may be made for partners who have an ongoing relationship with our schools, or are district-level partners. Approved exceptions must be structured to meet an identified educational need, not a commercial motive and must be evaluated for educational effectiveness by the school/district on a continuous basis.

Approval Process for Flyers

  • Email electronic Flyer to
  • Subject line of email must state “Flyer for Richland Two"
  • In the body of the email include sponsoring organization’s full name, sponsoring organization’s address, sponsoring organization’s email address, sponsoring organization’s telephone number, sponsoring organization’s web address

Disclaimer Requirement:
Flyers must include the following disclaimer in easy-to-read text:  Distribution of flyers through official district or school channels does not imply endorsement or support from Richland School District Two or any school therein.

Approved Flyers

If the partnering organization’s flyer promoting an activity, service or event meets the district’s guidelines, the Richland Two Communication and Strategic Partnerships Office will:

  • Share an electronic version of the flyer with schools to include in their school newsletters, space permitting.
  • Post the flyer to this Richland Two flyer page
  • Periodically send emails to parents through ParentSquare alerting them about updates to the flyers page.

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