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The mission of the Procurement Department of Richland School District Two is to monitor and/or assist with the procurement of equipment, supplies, materials, and services to ensure the district’s procurement code is implemented in a manner so that public funds are effectively and efficiently used to meet the district’s needs.

It is the district’s goal to foster accountability, integrity and equality in the procurement process to ensure quality goods/services are procured at competitive prices from responsible vendors in compliance with our Code.

The Procurement Department of Richland School District Two strives to ensure a good working relationship exists between our schools, departments and vendors. This effort helps the District to maintain a consistent flow of equipment, supplies, materials, and services to help support district staff in fostering an environment of learning for all our students. As one of the fastest growing districts in the state, Richland Two’s Procurement department works with various vendors in the area to build strong connections with those in our community to help meet the needs of the District’s over 29,000 students and 4,000 staff.



  • SCBO: Online Edition to search for open solicitations
  • S.C. Division of Small and Minority Business Contracting & Certification
  • State Fiscal Accountability Authority State Fiscal Accountability Authority

Procurement Code

Richland Two's Procurement Code, adopted in 2006, must be strictly adhered to in the procurement of all equipment, supplies, materials and services. Please take a moment to review the Procurement Code.

All purchases (equipment, supplies, services) must be initiated by the appropriate school/department with the input of a requisition and must be duly approved prior to any order made.


A purchase order must be generated by Procurement prior to the order of and receipt of any equipment, supplies or services by any school/department. Individuals shall not commit any district funds prior to the issuance of a valid purchase order.

Pending orders of equipment, supplies, materials, and services must adhere to guidelines as stated in the Richland Two’s Procurement Code. Means of procuring products/services are as follows:

  • Purchases $0.00 - $2,500.00: Considered “price fair and reasonable”.  Schools/Departments shall seek the best price at the best value from potential providers for products/services required.
  • Purchases $2,500.00-$10,000.00: Minimum of three(3) quotes (oral or written) must be obtained from potential providers.  Order shall be placed with the potential provider that offers the best price for the best value.  School/Department must sign and date quote sheet.   
  • Purchases $10,000.01-$50,000.00: Must be publicly advertised and quote(s) received. Quotes must have authorized signature of provider submitting quote.
  • ​Purchases $50,000.01 and above:  Must be publicly advertised.  Procurement must prepare a Request for Proposal or an Invitation to Bid before awarding to a particular potential provider.    

OpenGov Procurement

The Procurement Department of Richland School District Two has partnered with OpenGov Procurement, a fully automated web-based eProcurement and vendor management system.

Our new e-Procurement Portal allows interested parties to do the following:

  • Obtain a copy of an open or pending solicitation
  • Register to receive notifications of future opportunities by signing up for our new e-Procurement Portal and selecting Subscribe to create an account
  • Follow along with updates to existing solicitations by finding the solicitation and clicking the Follow button. This will allow all interested parties to receive amendments and addenda automatically.
  • Submit questions and receive answers for open solicitations.
  • Guide vendors through the process of responding electronically to RFPs, IFBs, etc. to ensure your solicitation have been accurately completed.

District Solicitations are also currently advertised in the S.C. Business Opportunities (SCBO) online newsletter found


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