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Visual and Performing Arts

81 percent of Richland Two students participate in some form of arts education

World-Class Knowledge

  • The Arts teach a diverse and transferable set of learning skills.
  • Arts courses enable learners to be creative in their approach to problem solving and to visualize concepts in new ways.
  • Rigorous, comprehensive, and sequential arts programs based on the 2017 South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Standards provide a foundation for college and career opportunities.

World-Class Skills

  • The 2017 South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Standards set achievable, measurable goals to build knowledge and skills necessary to prepare learners for the future workplace.
  • Artistic processes develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as learners create, refine, and reflect on their work and the works of others.
  • Through collaborative arts experiences, learners acquire skills necessary to communicate effectively as part of a team.

Life and Career Characteristics

  • Learning in the arts through history and culture broadens global perspectives.
  • Rigorous quality arts experiences require learners to persevere through experimentation, repetition, and mastery of their arts discipline.
  • The arts require learners to be disciplined, dedicated, and demonstrate a strong worth ethic.