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Schools closed Monday, October 5

Due to hazardous conditions caused by the flooding in the midlands, all Richland Two  schools, centers and facilities will be closed Monday, October 5.
Center for Knowledge - North staffdirectory
Last NameFirst NameJob TitleDepartmentWebsitePhoneEMAIL
richland2\bbranson BransonBridgette
RICHLAND2\achewning ChewningAlicia
richland2\cdixon DixonCrystal
richland2\madixon DixonMatherine
richland2\edrucker DruckerEmily
richland2\sdunbar DunbarSally Early Childhood 803-699-2966 Ext 5606
richland2\beudy EudyBrittany
richland2\kfarrell FarrellKaitlin
richland2\aford FordArlene
richland2\ygaisie GaisieYosheka
richland2\chawkey HawkeyCaroline
richland2\ahuggins HugginsAmandaTeacher  803-699-2966 Ext 5604
richland2\bkellett KellettBonnie
richland2\jmcgrory McGroryJaimie
richland2\smckie McKieShawnquay
richland2\jmcwhite McWhiteJacqueline
richland2\pperaza PerazaPerri
richland2\lreupke ReupkeLisa
richland2\jsizemore SizemoreJacob
richland2\ssprauve SprauveSharon
richland2\kaithomas ThomasKaitlin