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Thursday, August 11 - 10 point grading scale information.

In April 2016, the State Board of Education unanimously voted to implement a 10-point grading scale effective in the 2016–2017 school year across the state for high school credit courses. The 10-point grading scale will replace the 7-point grading scale. Richland Two will adopt the 10-point grading scale for Grades 2-12 beginning in 2016–2017.

See the link below, for more information

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Friday, April 15 - The Order of the Bengal

As part of the tenth year celebration of Blythewood High School, the Blythewood High School Education Foundation is proud to charter “The Order of the Bengal.

The purpose of the Order of the Bengal is to recognize individuals in the community, outstanding alumni, and faculty who have contributed to Blythewood High School.

The Charter Members are:

1.    The Town of Blythewood
            The Town of Blythewood welcomed Blythewood High School to its community in 2005.  In the 1970’s Bethel High School and the original Blythewood High School merged to form Spring Valley High School.  The opening of Blythewood High School was a return of a school to its community.  The bell from the former Blythewood High School was given to the new Blythewood High School.  The colors for the school are a combination of the colors of Bethel High School and the old Blythewood High School.  The mascot of Bethel High School was a tiger so Blythewood became a Bengal tiger. The old trophies from the original Blythewood High    School were given to the school.

2.    Justin Bethel
The first alumnus to be recognized, Justin graduated from Blythewood High School in 2008 and is its first graduate to be drafted into the NFL - in 2012 by the Arizona Cardinals. Justin’s football jersey, number 20, was retired in the fall. He was a BHS Culinary Arts student who went to Presbyterian College on a football scholarship.  He will still probably open that restaurant someday.

3.    Larry Griffin
A graduate of Bethel High School, Larry worked behind the scenes to make sure that Blythewood was aware of the Bethel High School heritage.  In addition he has been always a power behind the scenes in molding the school.

4.    Jim and Kay Mayes accepted the challenge to create the first Athletic Booster Club and operated the canteens at the football games for many years, establishing a strong foundation for support of Blythewood High School’s athletic program.

5.    Billy Petoskey shared for a year his office in the stadium with the administrators who opened Blythewood High School, and he is credited with the quality of the grass and the upkeep of the athletic fields at Blythewood High School. 

6.    Melanie Northcutt was the first President of the BHS Education Foundation and has served on its board for 11 years.  She is responsible for chartering the Education Foundation and its scholarship program.  The Scholarship Program awarded $500 to a student the first year, and since then the Foundation has coordinated and awarded over $67,000 in scholarships to students at Blythewood High School.

7.    Joe and Larry Sharpe were always on hand to offer support for Blythewood High School. They hosted many affairs for the football program and offered to fill up the buses if needed for athletic events during the oil crisis after Hurricane Katrina.  They made this their school and organized the community behind it.

8.     Marc Turner was one of the original teachers for Freshmen at Blythewood (FAB), the holding pattern at Blythewood Middle School for the 9th grade that would enter BHS when it opened.  Marc established the school’s Honor School and made sure that we partnered with USC as a Professional Development School.  He was selected in 2005 as National Social Studies Teacher of the Year.

9.    Chef William Turner opened the Culinary Arts program at Blythewood High School.  The late Chef Turner was honored as BHS Teacher of the Year in 2008 and Culinary Arts State Teacher of the Year in 2010; he led the culinary program to a state championship in 2010. Not only did he inspire students to excel in culinary arts, but also he embodied the true spirit of a Bengal in everything that he did for the school.

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