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Revised Board Policies

The following policies have recently been reviewed and approved by the board. These
policies will be uploaded to the policy manual in the near future, but are available here
for your immediate access.

Approval Date: January 14, 2020
 JFAA - Admission of Resident Students
 JFABC - Transfer Students (NEW)
 JFB - School Choice (NEW)
 JH - Student Absences and Excuses
 JIAAA - Educational Opportunity for Military Students
 JICJ POSSESSION /Use of Electronic Communication Devices in School
 JICJA - Social Media and Electronic Communication(NEW)
 JIH - Student Interrogations, Searches, and Arrests
 JIHC - Use of Metal Detectors
 JII -Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
 JJ -Student Activities
 JJA -Student Organizations
 JJAB- Limited Open/Closed Forum
 JJE- Student Fund-Raising Activities
 JJG- Contests For Students
 JJI- Interscholastic Athletics
 JK -Student Discipline
 JKA- Corporal Punishment/Physical Force (NEW)
 JKD -Suspension of Students
 JKE- Expulsion Of Students
 JKEE -Urinalysis Drug and Alcohol Testing for Certain Expelled Students
 JL- Student Welfare/Safety
 JLCA- Physical Examinations of Students (Rescind)
 JLCDC - Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs (NEW)
 JLCE- First Aid and Emergency Care
 JLCEF - Concussions and Student Athletes (NEW)
 JLD -School Counseling
 JLDBB -Youth Suicide Prevention
 JLF- Student Welfare
 JLIB -Student Dismissal Precautions
 JQ -Student Fees, Fines and Charges

Approval Date: December 10, 2019
JA - Student Policies Goals/Priority Objectives
JB - Equal Education Opportunity/Nondiscrimination
JCA - Assignment of Students to Schools [recode from JC/JCA]
JE - Student Attendance
JEB - Entrance Age
JFAB - Admission of Nonresident Students
JFABB - Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students
JFABD - Admission of Homeless Students
JFABE- Admission of English Learner and Migrant Students (NEW)
JFABF - Students in Foster Care
JFC- Student Withdraw from School/Dropouts (RESCIND)
JI - Student Rights and Responsibilities
JIAA - Sexual Harassment of Students (NEW)
JIB - Student Involvement in Decision Making
JIBA - Student Government
JIC - Student Conduct (RESCIND)
JICDA- Code of Conduct
JICEA - School-Related Student Publications
JICF - Secret Societies/Gang Activity
JICFAA - Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying
JICH - Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICI- Weapons
JIE/JIF/JIG - Pregnant Students/Students with Children/Married Students
JLCD - Assisting Students with Medications
JLCDB - Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors(NEW)
JLCDA -Individual Healthcare Plans (IHPs) (NEW)]
JLCF - School Nurses (NEW)
JLCC - Communicable/ Infectious Diseases
JLCE - First Aid and Emergency Care

Approval Date: October 15, 2019
IHCF - Childcare Programs
IHD - Adult/Community Education
IIA - Grouping for Instruction
IJ - Instructional Resources and Materials
IJJ - Textbook Selection and Adoption
IKAB - Report Cards/Progress Reports
IL - Evaluation of Instructional Programs
IMG - Service Animals