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Public Participation

Maintaining excellent public schools requires the cooperation and effort of everyone in the community. Members of the school board are aware that schools belong to the public, and they recognize the importance of keeping the community involved with and informed about the activities of the schools and the school board. Your school board members encourage you to stay informed about education issues and to attend board meetings regularly.

Anyone wishing to address the Board of Trustees at the regular Board meeting is asked to complete the form at the following link and submit it prior to the scheduled opening of the meeting. Each speaker will be limited to three minutes. Forms are also always available at meetings. Download the Public Participation Request to Speak Form.

Board Chair: James Manning
763 Fashion Drive 
Columbia, SC 29229
Phone: 803.736.3111
Superintendent: Dr. Baron Davis
763 Fashion Drive 
Columbia, SC 29229
Phone: 803.738.3236 
Assistant Superintendents: Marshalynn Franklin, Dr. James Ann Lynch Sheley and G. Keith Price
763 Fashion Drive 
Columbia, SC 29229 
Phone: 803.738.3206 
Chief Administrative Officers: 
Thomas W. Cranmer, Chief Technology Officer
Katinia B. Davis, Chief Instructional Support Services Officer
Helen N. Grant, J.D., Chief Diversity and Multicultural Inclusion Officer
Nancy J. Gregory, Chief Instructional Officer
Harry W. Miley, Ph.D. Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth “Libby” Roof, Chief Communications Officer
Cleveland J. C. Smith Sr., Chief Administrative Services Officer
Shawn C. Williams, Chief Human Resources Officer