Our Schools


The Honorable James Manning, M.A.T.
About Mr. Manning
Terms: 2010-2014; 2014-2018; 2018-2022
Phone: 803.386.8242
Email: jamesmanning@richland2.org


Vice Chair
The Honorable Amelia B. McKie

About Ms. McKie
Terms: 2014-2018; 2018-2022
Phone: 803.665.0156
Email: ameliamckie@richland2.org


The Honorable Teresa Holmes, Ed.S., Ed.D.
About Dr. Holmes
Term: 2018-2022
Phone: 803.281.0421
Email: teresaholmes@richland2.org

The Honorable Lindsay B. Agostini
About Mrs. Agostini
Terms: 2016-2020; 2020-2024
Phone: 803.530.5571
Email: lindsayagostini@richland2.org


The Honorable Monica E. Scott, Ed.D.
About Dr. Scott
Terms: 2012-2016; 2016-2020; 2020-2024
Phone: 803.200.2121
Email: puttingstudentsfirst2012@gmail.com

The Honorable Lashonda McFadden
About Mrs. McFadden
Term: 2020-2024
Phone: 803-351-7409
Email: lashondamcfadden@richland2.org


The Honorable Cheryl Caution-Parker, Ed.D.
About Dr. Caution-Parker
Terms: 2014-2018; 2018-2022
Phone: 803.960.0389
Email: cherylcautionparker@richland2.org