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The board is committed to the educational goal of ensuring that students develop to their maximum personal and academic potential so they are prepared for a future in the workforce and prepared to become responsible citizens.

The board assumes the leadership role in maintaining a system of public education for all students residing in the school district. The board and each of its members will look to the future to provide the best programs and procedures to address the educational needs of the students in the district and will be charged with accomplishing this task while also being responsible for wise management of district resources. The board is dedicated to the continued improvement of the district’s schools for the benefit of its students and their academic achievement.

The board must fulfill these responsibilities by functioning primarily as a legislative body to formulate and adopt policy while employing a superintendent under whose leadership the school personnel will carry out the policies of the board. Providing quality education involves the cooperation of the board, administration, staff, students, parents/legal guardians, and community. With input from these stakeholders regarding the quality and performance of the school system, the district will establish a culture of competence, collaboration, and trust.