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Third Year Students Must Decide on Testing


This year your third-year high school student has the opportunity to take either the ACT or the SAT as part of the state’s K-12 assessment program. Additionally, you and your student may elect not to test for this particular assessment. The testing is funded by the state, so there is no cost to you.

You have three options to indicate your preference of ACT, SAT, or neither. You may complete the parental preference form and return it to Spring Valley High School, or you may indicate your preference in Parent Portal. Please note that even if your preference is that your student not test, it is required that you return the form indicating that preference or indicate it in Parent Portal. Students who do not return a parental preference form or who do not have their parent or guardian indicate a preference in Parent Portal will be given the ACT.

Both the ACT and the SAT will be given as pencil and paper tests. The ACT will be February 27, 2018. The SAT will be March 21, 2018. The deadline to indicate your preference of ACT, SAT, or neither is December 8, 2017. Please return the form on the following page by December 8 or log into your Parent Portal account and indicate your preference there. Please do not do both (if we receive both a paper preference form as well as a preference indicated in Parent Portal, we will use what is in Parent Portal).

Print, sign and return the form.