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Student Immunization


Prior to schools being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, school nurses were hard at work reviewing student immunization records. If you received a letter from Nurse Strange, your school nurse, please make sure you obtain the necessary vaccinations. Keep your child's well-check appointments and check with your child's healthcare provider to see if your child is in need of any vaccinations. Click here to see the list of required vaccinations for school and daycares.  As a reminder, South Carolina requires:

  1. Two Hepatitis A vaccinations for students entering 5K in August 2020 **NEW Requirement
  2. Tdap/ Whooping cough vaccine for students entering 7th grade in August 2020
Don't delay. Schedule an appointment for your child to receive the necessary vaccinations. Don't forget the other adolescent vaccines: HPV cancer prevention and the Meningitis vaccine.