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Students wishing to purchase parking permits at any high school in Richland School District Two must complete the Alive at 25 Program. The program consists of a 4.5 hour class which is taught by certified law enforcement officers. The classes are offered at all District Two high schools. All registration should be completed by calling 803-732-6778. 

Students are responsible for knowing all regulations published here as well as any revisions made and announced to them during the year. Student parking is restricted first to seniors, then to juniors and sophomores on a space available basis. Permits correspond to a specific parking lot and/or parking space number.

A and B lots: Faculty & Staff spaces (Assigned) - entrance is Gate 1, located at traffic signal
C lot: Faculty & Staff spaces (First Come, First Served) - entrance is Gate 4, north of marquee
D and E lots: Student spaces (First Come, First Served) - entrance is Gate 4, north of marquee

All school fees/debts must be paid before a parking permit may be purchased. All outstanding detention and work detail hours from previous years must be cleared. Violations of the parking regulations during the previous school year may result in denial of a parking permit. All student vehicles parking on campus must display a valid parking permit issued by Ridge View High School. Permits must be in place by the first day of class.

Students must present a valid driver's license and vehicle registration in order to purchase a parking permit. Seniors may purchase parking permits at orientation prior to the opening of school. Juniors who meet the academic criteria for parking may purchase parking permits at orientation prior to the opening of school.  Juniors and Sophomores who receive parking permits must maintain Cs or above, or the weighted equivalent, in all of their classes each grading period in order to keep their parking permits. Juniors and Sophomores who receive a D or an F in any course may lose their parking privileges for at least one grading period. If the student raises his/her grades to the necessary level, he/she may reapply for parking but is not guaranteed a space. No refunds will be issued to any student who loses his/her parking privileges for any reason.

The presence of unregistered or uninsured vehicles on campus poses a potential safety hazard to
our students, our employees and our guests. The schedule of parking fines is as follows:

No RV sticker $25.00
Parked in wrong space $25.00
Parked on yellow line/curb $25.00
Parked on red curb $100.00
Illegal use of a handicapped space $200.00

Speeding on school property and reckless driving (such as driving across parking spaces or around/over barricade devices or any potentially dangerous action) will result in the loss of parking privilege. Automotive sound systems must be turned off while on campus. Failure to do so may result in a loss of parking privileges.

Guests should park enter at Gate 3, beneath the marquee, and park in the spaces (not along the curb).  Guests may be asked to record tag information with the Receptionist when registering. Ridge View High School will not be responsible for the theft of contents, theft of the vehicle, damage to any vehicle or contents while the vehicle is on campus. 

A student may not drive a vehicle on campus that is not properly registered to him/her or his/her parent or legal guardian. Students may not drive/park on campus during the school day without registering with the administrator in charge of parking.  Non-registered vehicles may be booted, ticketed, and/or towed without notice.

Students are not to be in vehicles or the parking lot during the school day without permission. Students should not loiter in/at cars upon arrival on campus or following dismissal. A student who uses/allows the vehicle to be used in violation of school rules is subject to the loss of the driving/parking privilege. Students leaving without permission during school hours may be denied parking privileges for the remainder of the school year or the next full semester.

Students with parking privileges who take underclassmen off campus at lunch may be denied permission to leave campus, and parking privileges will be suspended. No refunds will be issued to any student who loses his/her parking privileges for any reason.

Students who drive to/park on school property are responsible for knowing all rules and guidelines printed here, in the Parking Regulations and on all parking related forms.