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All science courses are aligned with the State Standards for Science. These standards can be found on the SC State Department of Education website www.ed.sc.gov by selecting the Educators tab and accessing the Curriculum Standards page.
Pre-requisites for science courses are very important in order to ensure student success. For information regarding any particular science course, please refer to the Registration Guide.  Courses with designations of IAS and IBS are associated with the Institute of Allied Health Sciences and Institute of BioHealth Sciences, respectively.
Tinika Pierce, Department Leader ​Biology 1
Biology 1 Honors
AP Environmental Science
Rachel Alloway Chemistry 1 Honors Magnet
Earth Science
Hazel Alunan Anatomy and Physiology
Environmental Science
Dr. Jim Bond ​Physics 1
Physics 1 Honors
AP Physics
Samantha Brewer Chemistry 1 Honors
Chemistry 2 Honors
AP Chemistry
Earth Science
Environmental Science
​Sherry Cannon ​Biology 1
Anatomy and Physiology
Dr. David Degenhardt ​Medical Interventions IBS Honors
Biology 1 Honors Magnet
Biology 2 Honors
AP Biology
Science Research 2 Honors Magnet
Leslie High-Washington
Shawna Moore Chemistry 1
Earth Science
Dr. Ellie Muniz Chemistry
Environmental Science
Allison Riffe Biology 1 Magnet
Biomedical Interventions IBS Honors
Principles of Biomedical Science IAS & IBS Honors
Sophia Thompson-Cupid ​Biology 1
Environmental Science
Jacqueline Whetsell Chemistry 1 Magnet
Forensic Science