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All math courses are aligned with the South Carolina Standards for Mathematics that can be found on the SC State Department of Education website, www.ed.sc.gov, by selecting the educators' tab and accessing the Curriculum Standards page.

Students studying high school mathematics are encouraged to purchase a graphing calculator. A limited number of graphing calculators are available for lease through the school. The calculator lease is valid for the enrollment period of the math course. Priority is given to those students who are enrolled in Algebra 1 CP.

Prerequisites for math courses are very important in order to ensure student success. The Math Department recommends that students who do not earn at least a 70 in any course repeat the course before proceeding to the next level (though this is not required).

NOTE: At the end of all Algebra 1 classes and Intermediate Algebra classes, there is an End-of-Course-Test which accounts for 20% of a student’s grade as prescribed by the State Department of Education.

Faculty/Staff Member Subjects
Tina McRae, Department Leader Algebra 3 
Geometry Honors
Mary Geva Algebra 2
Lotoya Gordon Algebra 1
Foundations in Algebra/Intermediate Algebra
Daniel Hylton ​Algebra 3 Honors
Pre-Calculus CP
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Calculus
Agnes Knox Foundations in Algebra/Intermediate Algebra
Algebra 2 Honors
AP Statistics
Alesha Love Algebra 1
Foundations in Algebra/Intermediate Algebra
Heb Nu Algebra 3
Algebra 3 Honors
Jean Porter Intermediate Algebra
Algebra 2
Ana Rupp Algebra 2
Algebra 2 Honors
Teah Smith Foundations in Algebra/Intermediate Algebra
Algebra 1/Geometry Honors
Intermediate Algebra/Geometry
Janice South-Henderson Algebra 2
Dr. Michelle Spradley Probability & Statistics​