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Instructional Support Services

The Special Services Department is dedicated to supporting academic achievement for students with diverse abilities in order to promote a positive transition into post-secondary living, working, and/or education. The attainment of Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals is facilitated through direct instruction in academic and functional skills. These include, but are not limited to, time management, study skills, self-advocacy, and transition planning.
Faculty/Staff Member Subjects
Nicole Harrison, Department Co-Leader Support Lab
Carmela Rogers, Department Co-Leader Language Arts
Leisure/Life Skills
Social Studies
Candace Blakely Support Lab
Brian Butler Employability Education 1
Employability and Career Readiness
Essentials of Math and Math HR
Essentials of Science and Scrince HR
Abbey Childers Instructional Support Lab
Math Support Lab
Reading Support Lab
Jill Crothers Support Lab
Ezma Douglas Smith Support Lab
Brooke Guillozet Com/Life Skills
Employability Readiness
Language Arts
Social Studies
Sonya Hayden Transition Specialist
Fritz Mason Instructional Support lab
Reading/Language Arts Support Lab
Rachel Whitlock Com/Life Skills
Essentials of English
Essentials of Social Studies