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The Ridge View High School Fine Arts program takes traditional arts learning in new directions.  Students are given hands-on opportunities and interdisciplinary connections throughout the curriculum in visual, literary, and performing arts.  Students receive practical experience in career preparatory activities ranging from professional internships, mentoring, and volunteer program to participation with a variety of guest artists.  Performing arts students receive ample performance opportunities through various concerts and school-wide performances.  Visual arts students participate in a variety of competitions and exhibitions throughout the year.  Literary arts students produce a school literary magazine and newspaper.  Those students who demonstrate promise in the art have been successful in applying for scholarship opportunities and admissions at a variety of fine arts institutions including 4-year colleges, conservatories, and professional arts organizations.  Ridge View is the recipient of the prestigious John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Schools of Excellence in Arts Education award.  

The Fine Arts Department offers a wide range of courses to meet the interests and talents of students of varying levels. Courses are offered in the areas of visual arts, music, theater, and dance. The arts curricula are based on state and national standards and goals. The broad goals of all arts courses are to develop skills, knowledge, and techniques in arts literacy, creative expression, aesthetic valuing and perception, and historical and cultural heritage.

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Faculty/Staff Member Subjects
Christopher Nostrant, Department Chair Advanced 2-D Design
AP Arts Studio 2-D Design
AP Arts Studio 3-D Design
Arts 1
Arts 2
T&G Visual Arts Honors
Media Arts
David Batchelor Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Chorus 3
Music Appreciation
Piano Class
Quinn Brown Dance 1
Dance 2
T&G Dance
Martha Hearn-Kelly Media Production
Musical Theater I
Theater I
Theater I
T&G Drama
Lane Jordan Advanced 3-D Design
Art 1
Art 2
Media Arts
Dustin King Band 1
Concert Band
Symphonic Band
Instructional Music & Band Rehearsal
Jazz Band
Percussion Techniques
Phillip Pagal AP Music Theory
Orchestra 3 Honors
Orchestra/Strings 1
Orchestra/Strings 2
Orchestra/Strings 3
Katherine Perry AP Art History
Art of Film
Film Production
Production 1
Production 2