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Tutoring and Testing

Students use the Tutoring & Testing Center to receive academic assistance, take makeup tests, work on online classes, use computers for academic or college research, and have a quiet place to study. 
The Tutoring & Testing Center provides an environment where every student can receive academic assistance, encouragement, and additional guidance that will help each student succeed. Any student from any grade and any academic level may request assistance. Tutoring is provided by peer tutors who have been assigned to the Center and volunteer peer tutors. 
Students and teachers use the Center for makeup tests. This allows a student the flexibility to use Wednesday late-start time, lunch, or a free period to take a test.
Virtual High School classes require passwords for assessments. The Tutoring and Testing Center and the Media Center are the only places at Richland Northeast where the staff has passwords for these assessments. In addition, VHS students can get questions about their class answered by the VHS coordinator, who has office space in the Center.​