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IB Career-Related Programme

Career-Related Programme (CP):
The Career-related Programme is the most recent addition to the IB. Its key aim is to provide a choice of different pathways for students aged 16 to 19. Modern life places complex demands on graduates entering further/higher education or employment. An integral part of the Career-related Programme is enabling students to become self-confident, skilled and career-ready learners. To prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing world, schools must not only equip them with the necessary skills and the learning dispositions, but also the ability to manage and influence change.

The IBCP framework begins in the 11th grade (prerequisites for the program are taken in the 10th grade) and allows students to specialize in, and focus on, a career-related pathway.  The programme’s three-part framework comprises the study of:

· At least two Diploma Programme courses:  one 2 year IB DP course and one additional one or two-year IB DP elective in either the 11th or 12th grades 

· Career and Technology Education pathway (CATE)

· The IBCP core class Personal and Professional Skills, which includes Service Learning, Language Development and the Reflective Project.

Students who complete all of the requirements will earn the IBCP Certificate.

For more information please contact:

Mrs. Fran Staniec
IBCP Coordinator 
803-699-2800 ext. 79777

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