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Convergence Media is an academic elective magnet at Richland Northeast High School. Cavplex students participate in the award-winning student media at Northeast: The Archive yearbook; The Cavalier newspaper; the literary magazine, Psyche; the broadcast staff, RNE-TV and The Saber, a student online news and social media program. Convergence Media in Cavplex offers a way to learn about communication and technology together, while producing real-world products for a genuine audience.

The course content is journalism, as delivered in the 21st century. Students may learn how to Tweet and Snapchat for their school one day; film events with a drone the next or write a policy-changing student viewpoint in the student newspaper another. While learning in a way that is consistent with Northeast’s overall role as an International Baccalaureate World School, students have the opportunity to individualize their experiences in Cavplex around custom interests such as the arts or sports.

Cavplex courses are academic electives, graded on the college preparatory level. There are no academic prerequisites for Convergence Media, and Cavplex students come from a variety of academic settings. However, students do best in the program if they have the desire to participate.

The program is at least one block per year. Students may take additional journalism sections if they wish and have room in their schedules. Additional Cavplex electives are available in the areas of multimedia production and video production. All courses are taught by experienced, award-winning instructors in their fields. The program may be taken in combination with any other academic program or core course schedule at Richland Northeast, including, but not limited to, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, Horizon, PCA or any of Northeast’s CATE programs. Journalism 3 and 4 students receive Honors coursework credit.

In the first year, the out-of-class commitment is similar to other high school courses. In the second through fourth years, students also will work outside of class to cover school events and issues and to produce publications and broadcasts. All equipment is provided by Convergence Media. Students do not have to own any certain type of computer or camera. No previous experience with this technology is required.

Students must achieve at least a C average at the end of each Convergence Media course in order to remain in the program.

Cavplex and other school activities:  Convergence Media students are involved in many other pursuits at Northeast.  Participants include athletes, artists, students who have graduated at the top of their class and four of Northeast's past five student body presidents.  Some of our students make Convergence Media their primary student activity, forming an important connection with school.  When surveyed, our students called the program a bright spot in their day.

After high school: Cavplex students go on to many different academic settings after high school. We do have some students who choose communication as their college major, and they leave Northeast well prepared for those studies. Some Convergence students have been awarded scholarships based on their work in the program. We have a number of graduates working in professional communication.

The majority of Convergence Media graduates choose paths outside of communication for higher education. However, they report being well-served by the skills and experience they gained in Convergence Media, including improved speaking, writing and technology skills, as well as leadership, teamwork and project management.

How to apply: Students must apply through Richland School District Two’s online magnet selection process to be considered for admission to Convergence Media. Convergence Media students are chosen by lottery.

For more information:

Andrew Chambers, Convergence Media Director
anchamber@richland2.org, 803-699-2800 ext. 79851

Michael Branham, Print Media
mibranham@richland2.org, 803-699-2800  ext. 79808

Dr. Sonja Merriwether-Hawkins, IB and Magnet Director
shawkins@richland2.org, 803-699-2800 ext. 79633