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Completion of the program Alive at 25 is required for students to park on the campus of any Richland School District Two high school.

Richland District 2 and The Reconnecting Communities Coalition are taking a proactive
stance on the #1 killer of our 15 – 24 year old drivers, traffic collisions.

The National Safety Council Alive@25 course is offered to drivers 15 – 24, and is
designed to be an early intervention program to help prevent traffic violations, collisions,
and/or fatalities. The focus is to help young drivers adopt safer driving practices, take
responsibility for their behavior in various driving situations, and to be aware of many of
the typical driving hazards.


Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

Why is the school implementing this program?

It is our belief that students will benefit from receiving the necessary tools to make good
decisions while driving. Recent studies have shown that distractions, such as texting can be as
dangerous as driving under the influence. Our major concern is student safety; better student
drivers are safer on the road and make the entire community safer.


How much does Alive@25 cost?

$35. SCNSC is a 501 (C)3 organization, which promotes safety and health within the state of
South Carolina. The $35 enrollment fee covers the instructors, course material, handouts,
bracelets, videos, and student guides.


What if I can't afford the program?

Due to the financial support of the Allstate Foundation and other corporate sponsors,
scholarships are available. Please contact SCNSC for more information.

My son/daughter has already taken a state approved drivers education program.  Why does he/she need to take Alive@25?

Driver’s education courses focus on the mechanics of driving — e.g., parking, turning, and
stopping. Alive@25 addresses the behaviors of driving and the consequences from making poor
decisions behind the wheel — such as impaired driving, underage drinking, peer pressure, cell
phones, texting, fatigue, and NO SEATBELT use.

Can I get a deduction on my insurance?

SCNSC is fortunate to have the support of Allstate and State Farm. We would encourage you to
contact your insurance agent for specific discount opportunities.

Who teaches this course?

Certified law enforcement officers teach Alive@25. This lends credibility to the program due to
the extensive discussions relative to legal issues such as underage drinking and impaired

How long is the course and how many students per class?

Alive@25 is 4.5 hours, and the optimum class size is 30. *Classes will be evaluated for the
possibility of cancellation / rescheduling if fewer than 15 students register. The Coordinator will
make any decision to adjust a class at least 72 hours in advance.

How do I register for Alive at 25?

Register online at www.scaliveat25.org or call us at (803) 732-6778

Does my son/daughter have to take the class each year?

No.  Students are required to take the course only once.