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The Fine Arts Department encompasses more than 35 courses in instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, theatre, and dance—including film, musical theatre, and electronic music.

Richland Northeast’s Fine Arts Department focuses on the fostering of creativity with a basis of sound technique. Throughout the school year, students take part in performances, recitals, or gallery exhibits, work with guest artists, and have ample opportunity develop their talents.

Classes take place in newly renovated arts facilities that include rehearsal and practice rooms, a state-of-the-art black box theatre, digital media lab, and more. The school is home to the Northeast Current, South Carolina’s first electric-string ensemble and the largest such group in the Southeast. Advanced Placement courses include Music Theory, Studio Art, and Art History.



Music  Roderick Henderson, ext. 79863
Patrick Murch, ext. 79709
Elizabeth Mears, ext. 79835
Visual Arts  Nancy Underwood, ext. 79841
Mary Catherine Newman, ext. 79713
Sharon Jacobs, ext. 79757
Theatre  Donna Wilson, ext. 79833

Dance  Nicole Hardenbergh, X 79832

Courses Offered



Percussion Techniques
AP Music Theory
Musical Keyboarding
Guitar I
Guitar II
Quick Start Band
Performing Advanced Band A
Performing Band B
Silver Cadet Marching Band
 (late bird)
Male Ensemble
Advanced Female Ensemble
Concert Choir
 (Cavalier Chorale)
Musical Theatre
String Orchestra (I)
Concert Orchestra (II)
Chamber Orchestra (III)
Northeast Current
Introduction to Music Theory
Electronic Music


Visual Arts

Art I
Advanced Two-Dimensional Design
Advanced Three-Dimensional Design
Photography I
Digital Photography II
IB Visual Art
IB Film
AP Art History
AP Studio Art
Art 1 Magnet
Art 2 Magnet
Art 3 Magnet
PCA Senior Project



Exploring Drama
Acting I
Acting II
Theatre Production
Talented & Gifted Drama
Musical Theatre
Rehearsal and Performance
 (first and second semesters)