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Principal's Greeting

Greetings and Welcome to Richland Northeast High School! Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to find out what makes Richland Northeast so special. First, we are deeply committed to a high-quality education for all of our students. Our mission is to embrace the commitment to teach all students to think critically, to appreciate diversity, to serve others and be productive, and to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners in a global society.

We aim to educate each student in a well-rounded manner that builds upon their natural strengths and aptitudes, and gives them the opportunity to stretch beyond their comfort zones to try new things and develop new knowledge. Our individualized approach is designed to meet their specific needs and maximize their growth. And we believe in celebrating the growth and achievements of our students and our faculty at every opportunity!

The focus at Richland Northeast is on community, with a global flavor. Our students come from a rich mix of backgrounds and cultures to create our very inclusive community of learners,
thinkers, growers and believers. They know they are part of something special that is
grounded here and expands to the world.

Our academic offerings are top-notch, with outstanding faculty who bring not only their tremendous academic strengths and expertise, but routinely go above and beyond to ensure the very best for our students. Our students, faculty and school have won a number of honors and awards. Richland Northeast has met the rigorous standards of Magnet Schools of America to earn their seal of Excellence and the distinction of becoming a Nationally Certified Magnet School.    

Our students learn in a warm, serene atmosphere as well. In keeping with our commitment
to excellence, we have a beautiful, family-friendly campus with recently renovated buildings and upgraded athletic facilities.

Finally, the essence of Richland Northeast is our focus on character. You will find our core values—Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Integrity, and Community—embedded in every aspect of everything we do.

As Albert Einstein once said, “the sole function of education is to open the way to thinking
and knowing, and the school, as the outstanding organ for the people’s education, must
serve that end exclusively.”

Please join on us on the journey to opening the way to thinking and knowing as we become the premier high school, in Richland Two’s premier school district. Thank you.

—Sabrina Suber, Principal