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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I take my classes?

Classes are offered through the internet. We have partnered with Richland School District Two to provide your classes via the Virtual High School already established within the district. Students have access to our full-time English teacher, math tutor, and lab specialist.


Can I finish one subject area before starting another?

Your core classes will be tailored to your learning style with help from our highly certified teachers and staff to meet your learning needs. If that is how you learn best, then you can complete one class before taking the next.


How many students are you accepting?

We can enroll a maximum of 20 freshman, 20 sophomores, 40 juniors, and 40 seniors. (120 students maximum.) If there are more than 120 applicants then students will be chosen by lottery.


Do I pay tuition to attend the Richland Two Charter High School?

There is absolutely no tuition for attending Richland Two Charter High School.


What are the graduation requirements at the Richland Two Charter High School?

In addition to the South Carolina graduation requirements, all students must complete the entire sequence of the "Leadership and Development" courses, which are designed to provide soft skills training and offer internship opportunities. This course sequence must be completed in order to be eligible to graduate from the Richland Two Charter High School.


Will I get paid for my internship programs?

Some programs may have a salary associated with them, however, we do not guarantee that you will be paid for your internships.


Will I graduate with my class at my old high school?

You will be awarded a South Carolina High School Diploma upon your graduation and will graduate with the students at the Richland Two Charter High School, not at the high school that you were previously zoned for.