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About Our Program

The Richland Two Virtual School Program offers exciting new online learning solutions for families interested in a choice for online learning for their students. Our virtual programs offer parents and students a full time virtual learning experience that provides flexibility in learning from home. Students in these programs develop skills as independent learners with personalized learning pathways that support each student’s individual needs. These are Competency Based Virtual Learning programs. Students will demonstrate mastery of South Carolina Department of Education College and Career Ready Standards and Richland Two’s expectations for learning.

Mission Statement

Richland School District Two Virtual School Program is committed to providing interactive, media-rich educational opportunities in a flexible, student-centered learning environment to a diverse population of learners.

Core Values


Richland School District Two Virtual School Program provides an innovative opportunity for students to attain a rigorous education online.  This enhances student learning through the use of multi-media to augment student learning.  Course content and resources allow students to access learning opportunities related to topical areas through the Internet to enhance 21st century learning skills. 


R2VS provides online access to curriculum, creating opportunities for learning to students with a variety of educational needs. 


The flexible student learning format aligns R2VS courses with state and national standards so that students have the opportunity to increase their achievement.  Students demonstrate their ability to perform academically in alternative learning environments, and have access to individualized attention from teachers to maximize achievement potential.  This results in a more independent, achievement-oriented learning process for each student.   


Collaboration between students, as well as between students and teachers provides a blended learning platform to maximize learning.  Courses are designed to foster relationships to support student learning.


In the instructional setting, teachers have the opportunity to focus on individual student needs, adapting the teaching process to the different learning styles, paces and levels for each student.  This same flexibility in learning lends itself nicely to the organization's self-paced and open enrollment format.  Students can accelerate their completion of materials they understand and spend more time in areas of the course or subject matter in which they may have some difficulty. 

Richland Two's Virtual School Program offers three distinct programs: 

  1. The eSchool:  Our full-time synchronous virtual school program for students in grades 6-12 interested in working from home (click here for more information).
  2. Virtual R2: Our two decades old asynchrouns program that provides credit bearing courses for high school students in need of acceleration or remediation (click here for more information).
  3. Pathways to Promotion:  Our program that provides courses and wrap-around services for students who are recommended by Student Support Services to participate in the program (click here for more information).