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Teachers earn National Board Certification


Richland School District Two is home to 11 additional teachers who have earned the distinction of becoming National Board Certified. With these newly certified teachers, Richland Two now employs a total of 714 National Board Certified Teachers.
In addition to the 11 newly certified teachers, 42 teachers successfully renewed their National Board Certification for another 10 years. While certification is a rewarding professional development experience for teachers, there is also a very tangible outcome. Richland Two teachers will receive $5,000 annually from the district for the 10-year life of the certificate. Additionally, teachers who applied before July 1, 2010, will receive $7,500 annually from the state. Those who applied after that date will receive an additional $5,000 from the state.
Congratulations to the following teachers who achieved National Board Certification:
Layne Bee — Spring Valley High
Kailey Collins — Blythewood High
Kason Dalton — Dent Middle
Jennifer Erickson — Windsor Elementary
Rebekah Garbett — Summit Parkway Middle
Christina Koch — Langford Elementary
Amy Novack — Round Top Elementary
Tamara Silva — Round Top Elementary
Kristin Siron — Langford Elementary
Yolanda Smith-Charlestin — Richland Northeast High
Sue Weems — Blythewood High
Congratulations to the following teachers who successfully renewed their National Board Certification for another 10 years:
Megan Allen — Sandlapper Elementary
Tanya Amoako — Richland Northeast High
Leigh Armstrong — Bethel-Hanberry Elementary
Catherine Austin — Lake Carolina Elementary Upper
Helen Barker — Kelly Mill Middle
Lisa Brindel — Spring Valley High
Tomiko Brown — Jackson Creek Elementary
Gayle Carrizales — Sandlapper Elementary
Libby Collins — Dent Middle
Sharon Corley — Bethel-Hanberry Elementary
Wendy Crotwell — District Office
Robert Crowley — E.L. Wright Middle
Angela Fomby — Center for Knowledge
Theresa Formyduval — Spring Valley High
James Gandy — Blythewood High
Tiffany Garrett — North Springs Elementary
Louise Gill — Summit Parkway Middle
Seth Gilmer — Ridge View High
Nancy Glenn — Spring Valley High
Ramona Gonzalez — Westwood High
Ellen Harrison — Ridge View High
Patricia Hass — Langford Elementary
Stephanie House (Fisher) — Center for Child Development
Cynthia Johnson — Catawba Trail Elementary
Tamara Jones — Dent Middle
Josh Keiper — Spring Valley High
Demetrice King — E.L. Wright Middle
Tara Morrison — Lake Carolina Elementary Upper
Mary Beth Nugent — North Springs Elementary
Nathan O'Neill — District Office
Phillip Pagel — Ridge View High
Julie Parks — Round Top Elementary
Melissa Paschoal — Round Top Elementary
Naylene Richardson — Ridge View High
Elizabeth Sanders — Bethel-Hanberry Elementary
Julie Sheehan — District Office
Kimrey Smith — Kelly Mill Middle
Michelle Spigner — Spring Valley High
Stephanie Stone — Richland Northeast High
David  Symonds — Summit Parkway Middle
April Weaver — Lake Carolina Elementary Upper
Regina Williams — North Springs Elementary
National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education. To become a Board-certified teacher, eligible candidates must demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, and practice in their individual certificate area by completing four components: three portfolio entries and a computer-based assessment. This is a year-long, rigorous process.