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State report cards show Richland Two's graduation rates on the rise


As reported on the State Report Cards released on Nov. 18, 2015, Richland School District Two’s graduation rates are rising and exceeding the state average.


The district saw a significant increase in its graduation rate with 86.4 percent of seniors graduating in 2015. That’s well above the state’s average of 80.3 percent and an increase of more than six percent in three years. All five of the district’s high schools have graduation rates above the state’s, with Richland Northeast High and Westwood High seeing the largest gains during the last two to three years.


Students receiving diplomas at Richland Northeast High School increased 11.4 percent since 2012 bringing the school’s graduation rate to nearly 82 percent.


“We’re seeing students who are excited about the many educational opportunities that our school offers, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, JROTC, sports
and various clubs. Students have a strong desire to be in school, complete programs and participate in activities,” said Dr. Sabrina Suber, principal of Richland Northeast High.


Westwood High School, which opened in the 2012–2013 school year, saw an increase of almost eight percent over its first graduating class in 2013. The school’s 2015 graduation
rate is 84.8 percent.

“School counselors have been meeting with students and their parents individually during their junior and senior years to review the graduation requirements and make certain that they are completing all the necessary coursework. They monitor the students’ grades closely and we utilize credit recovery options when needed to ensure on-time graduation,” said Dr. Cheryl Guy, Principal of Westwood High School.


Since 2012, graduation rates at Blythewood High, Ridge View High and Spring Valley High have also risen. Blythewood’s current graduation rate is 86.0, Ridge View 88.5 and Spring
Valley 88.8.


Richland Two has infused nine priority areas into its strategic plan in an ongoing effort to help all students be successful, and the district continues to offer vast educational choices for students to find their niche. The full state report card ratings can be found on the South Carolina Department of Education website using the following link:

For more information contact lroof@richland2.org