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School Board Meeting Highlights


Richland Two School Board Meeting Highlights
Budget Input Session
As part of the 2017–2018 General Fund budget development process, Richland School District Two hosted the first of two public input sessions. These sessions provide community members an opportunity to have a voice in the process. The second public input session will be held at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting. At that meeting, the board will hear the first reading of the budget. A public hearing will be held at 5 p.m. on May 2 and the second reading of the budget will take place at the board meeting that same night. A budget workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4.
Student Focus
Mark Sims, Kelly Mill Middle School principal, and Katie Patterson, the school's AVID coordinator, highlighted the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) at their site. They also introduced two student leaders who shared personal experiences about how they benefit from AVID.
Kelly Mill is one of three schools in South Carolina that received National Demonstration Status from the AVID Center and one of only 60 middle schools in the nation.
Legislative Update
Superintendent Debbie Hamm and Chief Financial Officer Harry Miley shared information on legislative issues that may have an impact on district business. Issues covered include funding for Base Student Cost, state pensions, accountability, National Board Certification incentive and school buses.
Consent Agenda
As part of the consent agenda, the board received a 2017–2018 General Fund Budget Survey report, a facilities update and technology report.
Budget Survey Report
Facilities Update
Technology Report
Review: Policy Revisions – Policy Revisions - KI/KI-R (Visitors)
The board received as information suggested policy revisions to policy KI/KI-R (Visitors).
Policy KI
Policy KI-R
Parents Visiting Classrooms Form
Voting Item: Proposal to Change April 25, 2017 Meeting Date to May 2, 2017
The board voted to approve the date change.
Proposal: Policy Revisions –BA (School Board Operational Goals), New Policy BAA (Evaluation of the School Board)
The board received for First Reading suggested revisions to policy BA (School Board Operational Goals) and the suggested creation of new policy BAA (Evaluation of the School Board).
Policy BA
Policy BAA
Report: Diversity and Multicultural Inclusion
Chief Multicultural and Diversity Inclusion Office Helen Grant presented a report on some of the programs, activities and practices that incorporate diversity and multicultural inclusion throughout the district. The report also highlighted Blythewood High School’s African American Experience course.
Report: Human Resources Snapshot
Chief Human Resources Officer Shawn Williams presented a report to the board on the status of employees eligible for retirement, TERI participants and the number of working retirees. The district’s Human Resources department will use these numbers to help develop a recruitment plan to fill positions.
A complete recording of each board meeting airs on the district’s cable access channel 12 R2TV on Time Warner Cable and on demand anytime through the district’s YouTube channel.