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Richland Two practices reuniting families


Richland Two, in partnership with law enforcement and first responders, recently conducted a full-scale reunification drill. The exercise was an opportunity to test the district’s emergency response plan and allow law enforcement and emergency services agencies to collaborate.
Reunification happens after a school has to be evacuated. The drill tested how we account for and move students to the relocation site, confirm parent/guardian identity, reunite parent/guardian with child and provide support services as needed. District administrators played the roles of students and parents.
The drill was a continuation of the July 2018 full-scale active shooter exercise the district conducted with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department and Richland County emergency response departments. Last summer’s drill was the next step from the active shooter drills conducted in Richland Two schools at least two times a year. The district is fortunate to have an emergency services manager with both law enforcement and emergency management experience to coordinate the event.
“Schools and districts must be proactive and prepared for any crisis,” said district Superintendent Dr. Baron R. Davis. “These types of exercises pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of our plans and prepare our staff to respond in case of actual emergency when their adrenaline is pumping and emotions are high.”