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RVHS Senior to graduate with perfect attendance


Maintaining a perfect school attendance record would be nearly impossible for most people. Ridge View High School senior Dasya’ Young isn’t most people. She hasn’t missed a single day of school in 12 years. The South Carolina Department of Education is recognizing her for perfect attendance from first through 12th grade.
Dasya’ says her mother has been her personal alarm clock and made sure she had everything she needed before arriving to school.

“I take attendance very seriously because I know missing even one period of school could put me back one week of work depending on the class. Even on the last days of school when we have little to do, I want to see people for the last time and get my attendance,” said Dasya.

Dasya’s mother, Miranda Young says she and her daughter made a pact early on to be present in life, even when they get up on the wrong side of the bed. She says it is healthy to understand how your presence may set the tone for the day.  

“There have been many days Dasya’ has struggled with her attendance after a long night up studying. She is always concerned about missing assignments, and I encourage her to go to school,” said Young. “I have the upmost respect for my daughter and I pray god will continue to bless her in future endeavors.”

Dasya’ plans to attend Furman University in the fall. She’s undecided about her major but plans to study either biology to become a dentist or theatre/dramatic arts to become an actress. Dasya’ is one of 59 students statewide to achieve perfect attendance. She is the only Richland Two student to achieve the honor this school year. Each South Carolina school year consists of 180 days, which means Dasya’ and the other students being honored have been present for 2,160 days.