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Richland School District Two has been notified that no charges will be filed against the Richland Two school administrator who was accused of sexual misconduct.

In a statement released today the Richland County Sheriff’s Department reported that “investigators determined that the incident did not occur as described by the child and that the administrator did not do anything improper.”

District and school administrators cooperated fully with the investigation. As reported in the sheriff’s department’s news release, the investigation “included interviewing multiple witnesses and individuals involved, as well as reviewing surveillance video from school cameras.” 

Richland Two Superintendent Dr. Baron R. Davis said, “Our district appreciates the swift response taken by Sheriff Leon Lott and the investigators who conducted a thorough investigation. District and school administrators take all reports of alleged misconduct seriously and respond quickly in launching an investigation and cooperating with law enforcement.”


Richland Two does not tolerate any type of misconduct and always fully investigates any reports of possible violations of laws, policies and procedures. When an alleged incident of possible employee misconduct with a student is reported, the first steps in the investigative process are to place the employee on administrative leave and to notify law enforcement if the alleged incident may involve criminal activity. District and school administrators are required by privacy laws to protect the identity of all individuals involved during the investigation. They always fully cooperate with law enforcement to ensure that their actions do not interfere with or compromise the integrity of any criminal investigations.

“I also want to express my appreciation to the members of the Richland Two family and the media outlets who supported an impartial investigation in the face of a climate that is quick to make conclusions before a thorough and complete investigation has been conducted. Open, honest and transparent communication is a principal practice in Richland Two. We strive to share factual information in a responsible way that supports our top priority of providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment for our students and employees,” said Superintendent Davis.